Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Leaf Jewellery

Ever heard of leaf jewellery people?
  I had heard of dried leaves and branches being used for centrepieces and decoration, but never for jewellery.
Look at this beautiful work of art..
This is a real leaf which has been electroformed.
                                                                           That means that the leaf is dried, and then given a mild acid bath to dissolve away the pulp, which leaves behind this skeleton. This leaf skeleton is then hand painted with copper based paint and dipped in an electrolytic solution. In this process, metal deposits onto the copper based surface of the leaf...that metal can be gold or silver or any other....and voila... you have gold or silver coated leaf jewellery!
                                 These jewelled leaves can be combined with swarovski or diamonds and worn as earrings and neckpieces. Here is a pair of earrings made out of electroformed oak leaves...

Aren't they out of this world?    
 Would love to own something like this !! 
          These stunning pieces are handcrafted by Crystal Allure.

Article Source: Designer handcrafted beaded jewellery by Crystal Allure ( 

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