Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Royal Elephant.

Homesick (for my hubby), desperately wanting to go back home...but visa requirements necessitate staying for some more time....ahh well!!
                                          In the meantime, trying to keep busy. Here goes..


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vonderful Valentines

I'm an internet addict and can spend hours looking at other peoples' gorgeous creations. In this post, I am compiling some unusual love-themed art work. Hope visitors to this post will get inspired and surprise their special someone with a lovely valentine gift !

Here is one of the most beautiful, yummiest and easiest things to do on Valentine's Day. Simply dip some strawberries half in chocolate and enjoy with your sweetheart. (Strawberries really do look like little hearts!)

How to Temper Chocolate for a Valentine's Treat - What would Valentines Day be without chocolate? Candy and chocolate are often exchanged come Valentines Day. Though store-bought confections might be popular, such gifts can easily be made at home as well. Chocolate satisfies a sweet tooth, and some researchers believe chocolate is...

Here's a heart shaped terrarium for a plant lover-
Terrariums & Plants

Soap that smells like beer - the perfect gift for him...

Classy and stylish phone/ipod stand -

Japanese love candle, great for mood lighting at home -


Oh-so-cute frame-able art (I'd love to receive this...)


Driftwood heart - Awwwsome...

We love the way driftwood can bring texture to a room. This heart-shaped wall art would be lovely over a mantel or in a small space. #vday #valentines
The list is too big to complete in one post really....Might do another one on interesting Valentine Gifts.

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fantasy Creatures: Mermaid

Mermaids have fascinated mankind ever since man first ventured out in the oceans. I wonder who first described a mermaid and what made him (I am assuming it was a man who saw gorgeous fish-women in the waves; a woman seafarer would definitely have seen a handsome merman) imagine a woman who was half fish. Perhaps he had been a long time at sea and was lost in the thoughts of his young lady and that made his imagination run riot, perhaps it was some trick of the sun on waves or it is possible that he really saw a mermaid.

             Mermaids may even have been friendly to humans initially, but they came to know the humans too well after only a short while; and very wisely, they decided to retreat to deeper waters and not show themselves anymore to humans. Hmmm....

Here's Miss Mermaid with a Trident.