Thursday, 17 April 2014

Journal page- celebrate the moment!

Hi Everyone,
                 Back with one more post to link to Ms Dior's blog , probably the last one. I've entered quite a few times...keeping my fingers crossed. She is a great artist and it would be a wonderful opportunity to take a class from her.
 Sharing a  page from my art journal... I started with a few random splotches of colour on a blank page. Then drew some shapes with a liner pen..added a few details. Also added a nice, uplifting thought and voila...!

Celebrate the moment!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Hello friends,
                   Here I am with today's post as part of my endeavour to do at least one post everyday this week. Today I'm sharing some daffodils from my sketchbook. This one is very special as it is my very first attempt at watercolours...

I'm linking it to Ms Dion's friday sketches

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hello friends..Its a beautiful spring day..sunshine, flowers, butterflies, bees...What better time to paint some colourful springy flowers? Here is a quick Cosmos that I painted (from a you tube tutorial video)..

The background turned out to be a bit splotchier than I intended, but it certainly is springy and colourful...
Linking it to Ms Dion's Friday sketches

Monday, 14 April 2014


Posting one more nature study in watercolours today.

Its a couple of apricots on a branch. The book that I used as a photo reference says that apricots are best eaten fresh and warm off the branch...isn't that a great idea? I have eaten some fruits straight off the branch  and it is a lot of fun....I've had grapes, mulberries, guavas, apples and mangoes..(yum!), but not apricots. I wonder what part of the world apricots grow in..
Linking it to Ms Dion Dior's Friday sketches   my facebook page also linked..see here

Lily of the Valley

I did this sketch  a few days ago using a picture as a reference....did not know the name of the flower at that time. Since then, I've discovered that it is called 'Lily of the Valley'. Here it is

Normally, I'm a bit lazy in posting my work to my blog ... but this week, Ms Dion Dior has provided a fine incentive in the form of a chance to win a spot in one of her classes..So, as far as possible, I will try and upload one sketch everyday to her Friday Sketches  I have also shared this sketch on my facebook page here

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bird on a branch

Bird on a branch in watercolours...

I think I will add a sentiment below it and make a special card for someone.
Linking it to Ms Dion Dior's  Friday Sketches

Friday, 11 April 2014

sketchbook page

A random page in my sketchbook. Linking it to Dion Dior's Friday sketches here.

The Iris is sketched in pencil with a watercolour wash behind it. The bird of paradise is done entirely in watercolour pencils. Ms Dior is giving away a free spot in her upcoming online class in watercolour pencils and it is my dream to take that class. Keeping my fingers and toes all crossed... Best of luck to me!