Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Growing on air...!!

Hi people!.....The rainy season has put a shroud of green on anything and everything ouside these days...nature has completely taken over and my garden is being overrun with grass, wild weeds and myriad wild plants with beautiful flowers of many hues...and I've stopped trying to tame it for the time being...Nature throws up many surprises everyday and its fun to watch tiny plants growing in the cracks of cemented walkways and joints of tiles...One would think that plants always need some soil to grow from...but think again, for that is not the case!!
Take a look at some of these babies....They're called Air plants-

 They just grow in soil required at all...easy care and need only a little misting now and they can just be placed on decorative pebbles in a glass container and you have a marvellous centrepiece...
 Or they can be placed in a piece of driftwood...they just look as if they are growing out of the wood, and you can boast about your green thumb...
How about making some terrariums with an interesting glass container, some sand, and a couple of airplants?
Wow...I would love to have one of those..wouldn't you?
These and more airplants can be found here

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