Monday, 4 July 2011


There's a new book on the market, people-- its called "Go the F to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach. Its a children's book for adults. Now what in blue blazes is a children's book for adults, I wonder, and do some research, read some reviews....Here's the explanation-
                        Anyone out there who's ever brought up a child would have a list of harrowing experiences
 When my son was born, he was a proper little angel with a halo around his head and all. Two years and two months down the line, somehow evolution has happened, the halo has gradually disappeared, and two little red and curved  horns have grown on his head and also a pointy little tail on his behind..the trident is missing still; though it should not take long for that to come as well.
                                                                    The whole day passes in a whirl of activity- making him eat, giving him a bath, fighting with him to brush his teeth, fighting with him to wash his face, getting him into clothes( for some reason he hates wearing clothes), begging  him to stop pulling my hair (if this doesn't stop soon, I'm not going to have much hair left on my head anyway). In the evening, its play time; and play to him means jumping up and down continuously.....and he expects me to do the same ! What's play for him is the hardest form of exercise for me...
                                                   After all this, again persuade him to have some food...and afterwards when you are sitting down for your own dinner, the little tyke wants you to get up and dance with him to the latest bollywood number. Its a job calming him down enough to make him lie still on the bed....and is only possible if you switch off all the lights in the room and make it pitch dark...and then he finally settles down; and as you start hoping that he's asleep and you can finally have some time on your own now, a little voice pipes up in the dark, saying "mama, gana shunao"...........and that is the time you can't help thinking-
                                                                                                                    Go The F To Sleep...Grrrr....

P.S.- After he goes off to sleep, the halo around his head returns and he's my little angel again..muahh..


  1. Wonderful Puneet.. wonderful writeup.. I guess this is true to core and every mom can very relate this to her own child. right? the tug-of-war between the mom and the child is never ending. And yes, when they are sleeping, they look so calm, sweet, angelic and feel like just kissing and hugging them.. won't believe that he/she is the same one who just turned your day upside down :) But that's the what you will gonna miss when they grow up and have their own life and space.

  2. Its funny that I read about this book and wanted to talk to you about it the last time I called but it slipped out of my mind. Your post is hilarious. I am looking forward to all his silliness when I visit. :)

  3. And keep up all the brilliant work that you are putting into this blog. I think it is a great opportunity for you to see how your audience reacts to your writing.

  4. Very nicely written. Made me picturise all the scenes and brought a smile to me. Wonderful blog.