Sunday, 17 July 2011

dry branches

One of my favourite natural things to decorate with are dry branches...the ones that you find lying about in wilderness. There is something about these twisted and tortuous branches that is so attractive, and no matter what you do with them, they always look good. eg, you could simply pop them into a container...

You could also add embellishments on the branches, like these adorable butterflies...

 Another wonderful idea is to make a family tree out of a dry branch...just stick the branches in a pot/vase, add pebbles if you like, and stick pictures of all family members onto the branches...Place this in the foyer where every visitor to the house would see it first..what a lovely way to welcome people into your home!!

Or make a chandelier / candlestand out of your dry branch...hang some tea lights and you  have a home made exotic centrepiece for your dinner table (guaranteed to have your guests oohing and aahing!!)

All these are simple DIY ideas that anyone can special equipment required and no expensive purchases to be made.
For  more of these wonderful arrangements,  see here.

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