Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Dear people,
                     I just love candles...all sorts...coloured, scented, round, square, tall, short etc., etc...They are an absolute essential for decorating the house...and even when they are not lit, they make a superb centrepiece. They also make wonderful gifts. Do you agree? If you dont, I have put together here some unusual candles which would tempt you enough to try them out....I absolutely love the "wacky" appeal of some of them..check these out...(and if you liked them, be sure to leave a comment)-
      Pretty cactus shaped candles...even unlit, they look awesome sitting there on your table..
   Beautiful piece of art...candles shaped like a pair of crows sitting on their nest..
     Which hand gesture would you choose?
    Cute and colourful- slipper candles
  Burning rocks...
   Anyone want to burn their money ?....not unless its a candle shaped like money..
   These candles look normal when unlit....however when you light them, they start oozing out blood-like wax.
They take away my prize for wacky..
  Guys would love these...They not only look like beer, but also smell like it when lit...
  These are the blocks that we all used to play with as children..
Close to nature- pine cone candles..
 These  candles are glass bottles filled with lamp oil and some greenery..I would love to place them in the verandah..
 Weird - sponges or candles?
  Peas in a pod..
 The focus in this one is the way cool reindeer shaped candle holder...
         Those were the ones....hope you liked..byeee..
(Images from the internet)


  1. Thanks for sharing.... i am going to post some candles soon too....

  2. loved this visual treat.THANKS

  3. When the sun shines then they serve the purpose of decoration and when sun does not then they replace the sun light with candle light. In sun light birds sing and in candle light the love birds.

  4. Wow...Beautiful thought, beautifully worded..

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