Thursday, 8 September 2011

DIY Project.

Before and after


I had for the past few months felt the need for some extra storage space...and getting a new cabinet was not on the cards. So I remembered this old battered looking wooden almirah lying in my garage and thought of refurbishing it.  Here's what I started with...

As you can see, it was completely bare...didn't even have any basic coat of paint.
So I started with applying wood primer ...
And after completing this, applied two coats of wood paint...I used an off-white or cream colour for the inside and a light shade of green for the outside...
                                                               The cream colored flowers are the same shade that is used inside the almirah. But after doing the flowers in this colour, I found it looked very dull...I definitely wanted more colour... so here goes..

                           still not satisfied....need more colour...

       Finally finished, and it now houses my glasses and crockery collection..

  Phew....! it took me a good 15 days to complete..
   Please let me know what you think.


  1. I wish that my garage had great old junk like that! (OK. I wish I had a garage...)

    1. Finding and refurbishing old junk from your garage is actually fun and extremely satisfying. Thanks for viewing.