Monday, 29 August 2011

Unique centrepieces...

How important is a centrepiece to a well dressed table?
  Well one can argue that you can do without it and the food is what really matters, but a centrepiece is really the proverbial icing on the cake. And there is no need to buy an obscenely expensive centrepiece for your dinner table which everyone will get tired of seeing after a few dinners. A much better option is a centrpiece created when you let your imagination go berserk and let the creativity this one here which everyone can create...

This one is really simplicity itself....3 wineglasses overturned, with a flower placed inside each, and a candle placed on top of each base....brilliant idea indeed !! and I'm dying to try it out..
 Next  one :
Take a fish bowl, place some sand in it, put a candle in it, scatter some pebbles and shells around it, and voila...!

Let's move on...another fish bowl piece-
Just place some pine cones (I always tend to collect a lot of them in various shapes and sizes whenever we go to a hill station) in the bowl, and also put in a string of fairy lights among them -now watch your table glow...and let the compliments flow!

All images from pinterest..see all the images  here.

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