Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Odessa Through My Lens.....

Here is the promised post about Odessa. The city is known as The Pearl of the Black Sea and the name is absolutely justified. It is a beautiful town rich with history. I'll now let the pics do the talking.

Here is the pedestrian street Deribasovskaya, a cobbled street which is closed to traffic and has only sidewalk cafes and beautiful buildings on both sides.

This is the colonnade of Vorontsov palace - a favourite haunt of newly-weds for their wedding photos.

The Odessa passage - a hub of trading activity in earlier times, now a market. The architecture is beautiful.

Some of the beautiful sculptures inside the passage.

The Potemkin stairs- a famous landmark of Odessa, these stairs incorporate an optical illusion. Seen from the bottom, one can see only the steps and not the landings, whereas,  looking from the top, one can only seen the landings and not the steps. A famous movie, The Battleship Potemkin, from the silent films era was filmed in Odessa and one of the most famous scenes from the movie was filmed right here on the steps of Odessa.

Odessa's beautiful opera theater.

City park on Deribasovskaya street where locals and as well as tourists gather to enjoy the pleasant weather, beautiful flowers and wonderful music. Music is played on weekends by a band inside the gazebo and people are dancing about outside....music, dance, beauty, good weather....what more could one want on a holiday..!

The calm waters of Odessa harbour...perfect for people like me who don't like big waves crashing on them.


  1. Thanks for the travelogue! Odessa is one more place I just have to see.

    1. It is a beautiful place Suzy...thanks for stopping by!