Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Home made stamp

Hello people....How are you all? I am a little stressed out as I have to pack my things yet again and move. To take my mind off things, I tried to do something that I had never done before...and so I carved a stamp! Showing you all my home made stamp process.

This is an eraser on which I drew a simple petal/leaf shape. I will use a cutter to cut it out as I don't have any special carving tools.

Here is one half of the stamp cut away. Now to cut the rest of it.

So here I've carved out the entire stamp and now I have to find a way to ink it. As I don't have any inking pads at hand, I'm going to use one of my son's markers as a cheap alternative.

I inked it up and tested it. The stamp looks fine..and now I can have some fun with it..

Here's the beginning of a flower..

added more petals and two leaves with green ink (again with a marker)

Now, I added some embellishments to the petals and leaves with a black pen..

It looked good but I added a border there, also with a black pen..

and stuck it on top of a blue card...and I have a home made card. Also wrote a sentiment in one corner. Now I want to see if I can make something else with this stamp...

When I started stamping, the shape suggested a peacock ...

So, here's the little fella...Actually, my son would love to make this li'l peacock using the stamp. And one could also make a whole page of these peacocks in different colours, to use in craft projects. 

The third thing that I made today with this stamp is a patterned use in some other craft project later. So these are the various ways I used my stamp. What use would you put it to? Would love to hear more ideas...


  1. Sweet stuff.

    I was struggling with an issue myself, and your choice of using an eraser, just lit up a bulb in my sleeping mind.

    Thanks for the post :)