Friday, 23 August 2013

I have been working on a watercolour. Have finally finished it. Not that it was very complicated; I finished it in 5 sittings.
            The design is not my original, saw it on the was free to download and print. But I drew it by hand as I don't have a printer and it was simple enough. Here I am showing different stages of the painting. I really enjoyed doing it...hope you enjoy looking at it -

This is the third session I think where I painted some of the leaves. Watercolours are very interesting to mix and play around with.

This is the next session where I painted some more leaves.

and this is the finished result with the background all done. Sorry for the quality of the picture. I do not have a good camera either. Lost mine on a holiday.

The shadow on the right lower corner is a jar I placed to hold the corner flat. Couldn't get rid of it.

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