Friday, 4 January 2013


            Many people are familiar with the oriental arts of Bonsai and Origami. Today, through this page, I want to introduce a less well-known Japanese art form called Suiseki. Suiseki are small, natural stones kept and admired for their form and beauty. They usually suggest a natural geographic form, like a mountain, lake or waterfall in miniature.
                              Suiseki are displayed on wooden bases called 'daiza' which are carved to fit the stones, or in shallow trays known as 'suiban'. Whenever I go on holiday, I am always on lookout for such stones. So far, I have not found any.... maybe it was there, but I just did not have the eye to see it. After all, beauty is all in perception and the more subtle forms of beauty do require a trained eye....

A waterfall on a rocky mountain.

A mountain range. Don't miss the beautifully carved base. In suiseki, the daiza is as important to the overall beauty of the piece as the stone.

One can't help but marvel at the beautiful natural artist like mother nature..!
Happy New Year to all!

All images are from various websites. See the original images and more herehere and here.

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