Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pack Unpack

Pack, travel, unpack, settle down, pack, travel, unpack, settle down, pack, travel, unpack.....SIGH......!! Did anyone ever get the feeling of being on a big Merry-go -Round? That's how my life has been going lately. It seems that no sooner do I put down my roots in one place (and start liking it) than I have to uproot myself again and go somewhere else. Well, there was a time when I was younger and longed for precisely this sort of thing, but I guess lugging a small kid around everywhere kinda changes your perspective about a lot of things.
         I was getting too down in the dumps. So, in order to cheer myself up, I did some drawing with pen and ink. Nothing too detailed; just a quick fix for dark mood. Here it is....

(The blank box in the corner is for writing the initial of a special person who I am going to give it to.)
Coming back to the topic of dark mood, a friend did suggest another good option for lifting spirits...spirits, or to be more precise, Vodka. Good for spirits and good for keeping the cold away. What do you think?