Friday, 18 November 2011

Unusual canvases

This is another post in the series of unusual canvases (see the first one here).
         I'm always instantly attracted to any form of art, it doesn't have to be on paper or canvas. In fact, I have this fetish for unusual canvases which encouraged me to do a whole series on this subject. Today I'm writing about an art form which most of you will be tempted to try out once you've seen how simple and attractive it is.
                           Feast your eyes on these -

 What better way to celebrate fall than to have autumn leaves painted on your nails ....!!

 A Halloween design here....sure to grab many eyeballs and make you feel like a diva...

 Colourful gypsy nails anyone?
                                       All these beautiful designs are done by Robin Moses, a talented nail artist. Check out her blog. She does designs to suit every mood, season and holiday.
                                                    All the above designs are by a talented professional. However, one can try some simple nail designs at the ones below -

 This one here can be done by just applying a coat of pink nail paint (or any other colour) and then applying polka dots with a contrasting colour. Apply the polka dots with the end of a toothpick.

This is another simple but attractive design - clear nail paint as base and coloured rhinestones stuck on in flower shape. I would like to try this with a pastel coloured base.

 This is a beautiful lattice work. The diagonal lines are drawn on the nails with beige nail polish on the end of a toothpick. How attractive ...reminds me of the top of a cherry pie..
                                                           So, next time you're going out and want to add a little flair to your dressing up, try some of these simple nail art designs and trust me, you'll end up being the center of attention.
Source of images : hereherehere

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