Tuesday, 31 May 2011


good morning people..(even though my mornings usually start a little late).. for some weeks, I've been getting this niggling urge to create something  and it refuses to go away unless satisfied in some way..so I looked around for some inexpensive ways to do this and found some colours and brushes lying around the house...also picked up some stones from my garden and found that stones make for an unusually good canvas...particularly for someone of my calibre for painting-(that is only a wannabe artist,). anyway, these are the fruits of my labour...

this particular one is inspired by some warli paintings that i saw 

this one is a reminder of  spring in the garden..

now after doing all these, naturally i wanted to display them in my home ...so i took a basket, and put all these together in it and made a centrpiece on the table...it gives a special high to see something you've created..


  1. waow! you are a good writer and a perfect painter too :) loved these little things, painted it beautifully and showcased it perfectly! Good going Puneet!

  2. wow..... that was hidden all this time.... good job.. you are an gifted artist.. good going..

  3. thank you very much, sri and mona..you have encouraged me a lot.

  4. lovely Puneet...The warli one is stunning!

  5. great job.all that can be said is wow.